Nathan Lewis - Sales Director

Nathan Lewis

Sales Director

Nathan has been in this role since 2014 and heads up Business Development, as well as ensuring client satisfaction.

With seven years in a sales background prior to the role - and being surrounded by the products from a young age - this has given him a good grasp of what is available, achievable and how to exceed the ‘average standard’ out there.

He loves the fact that no two days are the same at Contego and every day brings its exciting challenges to find satisfying solutions for.

He said: “Seeing new people and forming long-term relationships is the fun bit. We operate very openly and as a business have loyal clients that have been with us for over a decade now. That’s where the real happiness is, in that reciprocal ‘extreme trust’.

“We have a very friendly and caring team of people that want the best for our customers, as well as their colleagues. Also, having abundant innovation in our WEARMASTER® brand gives an advantage in the sales process, through clear, superior distinction of garments and PPE that has been developed with the wearer in mind, giving comfort, style and great value”.

Nathan is a big fan of the comfy waterproof, metal free WEARMASTER® boots for walking or DIY and can never resist the urge to slip on a hi-viz jacket when presented with the opportunity!

Safety Equipment and PPE Supplier