Michaela Barr - Purchasing Manager

Michaela Barr

Purchasing Manager

Michaela has been Contego’s Purchasing Manager since 2019, moving from outside of PPE, from within a large corporate environment, to become a key player in the this family-owned business.

She said: “Ensuring the smooth running of the Purchasing Department is not a small task, but one that I thoroughly enjoy due to the variety we see on a daily basis. Contego has all the tools and recourse to compete in this very capitative marketplace, whilst being a fantastic organisation to work for and work alongside.

"No one is a number and everyone’s needs are considered, from both an employee and customer perspective. The flexibility we have to meet our customer needs is driven by the fact that we are constantly reminded that this is why customers choose us and why customers stay with us.”

The product range that Contego offers is ever changing and it is a real challenge to ensure that our product offering is relevant and meets the needs of the diverse customer range. With Michaela’s vast experience in procurement and project management, backed up by the strong team she has behind her, Contego manages to consistently develop their own brand WEARMASTER®, whilst continuing to offer over 50,000 product lines.

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