Melissa Grimley - Purchasing Manager

Melissa Grimley

Product Administrator

Melissa has worked with Contego since 2013.

Melissa’s role as Product Administrator Manager forms an integral part of the team; linking customer product requirements to sales and purchasing through to internal processes. Melissa ensures that that the Contego product offering is relevant, up to date and accurate. Melissa is more than familiar with unusual product sourcing projects and leads the way with bringing new and exciting products to the hands of our customers.

Melissa was previously our Purchasing Manager and in 2018 chose to take a more customer focused role where she could utilise her extensive purchasing knowledge and her thirst for customer satisfaction!

After moving to Contego from a role buying groceries for an online supermarket in Australia, Melissa says she loves that her job brings fresh challenges every day.

She added: “Finding the perfect product for a customer’s exacting specifications is a very satisfying part of my role and I enjoy developing good working relationships through interacting with suppliers and customers daily.”

“Being part of a close knit team, who enjoy working together, is a great bonus of being at Contego and we all benefit from the fact that management and directors are open to change and willing to listen to new ideas.”

After moving to Ireland in 2019, luckily for Contego, Melissa has continued to play an integral part of the Contego family working remotely.

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