Jim Lewis - Managing Director

Jim Lewis

Managing Director

Jim has worked with the company since 1995, when it was inaugurated. His main roles include business strategy, research and development, financial planning, team management and accountability.

Having previously owned Hydrocare, a successful company that built and maintained swimming pools he has much first-hand experience in the use of PPE. He says he enjoys working with his friendly and honest team to improve and grow Contego – a company which has ‘great potential and many untapped opportunities’.

Jim particularly likes the ability to be flexible in his role and find great solutions for customers.

And with regard to PPE and safety wear, he believes that anyone doing practical work needs safety footwear, hearing and correct respiratory protection -  areas which can get overlooked, due to the fact that the damage doesn’t often happen ‘today’.

He said: “I have begun to realise that my carefree attitude when I was younger to hearing protection was nothing short of folly. I’d like every person who works in noisy environments to know and understand what it means to be deaf in old age. The problem with this injury is that when you are in your 20s, 40-50 years old seems a long way off and the things we take for granted being taken away seems a myth. Even more serious is the fact that being careless about respiratory protection could easily exclude you from old age!”

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