Jamie Fletcher - Business Development Manager

Jamie Fletcher

Business Development Manager

Jamie’s role is to gain good quality appointments with prospective clients, with the aim of increasing Contego’s business portfolio.

He has been with Contego since 2015 and carries out his role using a combination of phone, email and Linkedin. He said: “I don’t hound people here, I engage with them, which makes both myself and the prospect much more comfortable and business more likely”.

Having spent seven years in IT Sales at Qual Ltd and Stock & Asset Management, he said the main thing that he likes about working for Contego is that every day is different and presents new challenges all the time.

He added: “I enjoy engaging with people and using my skills to increase business. I can see it is working and this gives me the motivation to carry on."

“I like the fact that we are not a ‘nameless’ corporate company which means everyone’s actions really count and we all have to work hard in our own areas to keep the business progressing. I feel that I have earned my place here and I work hard to keep the company moving in the right direction”.

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