Glendale Managed Services Case Study

Glendale Managed Services

Glendale Managed Services, the specialist ‘green division’ of Parkwood Holdings Plc is the UK’s leading green service provider.

They have earnt the reputation of being the market leader in their sector, operating over 60 contracts, employing 1500 staff and running approximately 850 vehicles.

Best Value Solution

In 2007 Glendale undertook comprehensive selection processes and gave shortlisted companies the opportunity to tender for the provision of workwear and PPE.

We successfully met and exceeded the requirements of the 2007 tender process, providing a solution which gave value for money, with service and products to support their staff through a contract that was worth in the region of £500,000.  In 2010 and 2015 Glendale revisited the contract selection processes and Contego proved to be worthy of continuing to serve the exacting requirements for the company.

Distinct Identity

Glendale mainly works with high profile public sector clients on long-term contracts, therefore service teams need to be readily identifiable.

We worked with the marketing teams at Glendale to provide an appropriate and suitable smart uniform, which was both functional and hardwearing, that helped set them apart from the competition, whilst meeting their budgetary constraints.

Diverse Product Lines 

Glendale received over 675 different product lines, which included a customer designed bespoke clothing range and over 110 different corporate logos catering for each division within the group. To ensure the best possible service we set up embroidery workshop in 2008. This has continued to grow and serve our vast range of customers.

Glendale has also benefitted from our manpack service many times, helping them to ensure the right clothing is ordered and received by each individual. We work closely with each depot to ensure that they receive the service, products and attention they deserve.

To enable work continuity they have also received Personal Protective Equipment through our same day service, thus proving at Contego “the customer really does come first.”

Glendale Case Study
Glendale Managed Services Case Study